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Practicing Healing Touch therapy and leading Heal Your Life® workshops has been immensely rewarding both personally and professionally, and it is with great honor that I ‘pay it forward’. When you open your heart, and let it take the lead, it is truly amazing how the Universe will support you with everything you need! I am highly inspired to help you heal, create more health and vitality in your life and tap into your unlimited potential to thrive!

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Welcome to Highly Inspired Healing, a gateway to your wellness. We all have an innate desire to feel good and maintain a sense of well-being. However, when our health is challenged by the various forms of stress in our life, our ability to flourish becomes compromised and we find ourselves feeling out-of-balance. Returning to a state of balance is not always easy and sometimes requires guidance and support. If you would like to experience more health and vitality in your life, but feel stuck or limited in some way, I am here to help you!

Just as there are many forms of dis-ease, there are many forms of healing. With a holistic approach to health, it is essential to consider the various elements of your well-being (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) in order to fully benefit from your inherent ability to thrive as a whole. When we recognize these seemingly separate parts as intertwined, rather than disconnected and having no relationship to one another, we greatly benefit from their combined wisdom.

In support of this integrative pathway, Highly Inspired Healing offers two types of therapeutic modalities: Energy therapy known as Healing Touch and empowering Heal Your Life® workshops (based on the philosophy of Louise Hay). The potential for vibrant health and happiness is already within you! The intention of Highly Inspired Healing is to awaken your existing ability to tap into this powerful potential by creating the opportunity and providing the structure and guidance you need for transformational healing.

If this approach feels like a valuable stepping stone on your pathway to wholeness, I invite you to take the first step by giving yourself permission to claim your birthright to a life of health and vitality and moving forward through your gateway to wellness. You are here to thrive and I am here to support you!


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